Nordic Walking

Enjoy the benefits of Nordic Walking. Nordic walking evolved from an off-season ski-training exercise to an activity that is enjoyed in all seasons. Nordic walking uses specially designed poles, hikers and backpackers began using these walking poles and noticed reduced knee and back pain. Today many people world-wide Nordic walk as a regular form of exercise.

What is the value of Urban Poling?

Urban Poles (UP) are Nordic walking poles with vibration-absorbing handles and rubber boot tips that propel you forward. Urban poles will accelerate rehabilitation and improve your fitness. Urban Poling has also been found to benefit the following special groups: Cardiac Rehabilitation, Peripheral Vascular disease, Breast Cancer, Parkinson’s disease and wheelchair users. How will Urban Poling benefit you?


  • Reduces stress to your joints (knees, hips and back)
  • Improves your walking mechanics
  • Improves your posture
  • Targets key your body’s structural support system : core muscles
  • Your confidence to move will improve


  • Is easy to learn and is ideal for all ages and fitness levels
  • Burns up to 20% more calories than regular walking
  • Increases oxygen consumption up to 46% more than regular walking
  • Makes walking more challenging without walking further or faster
  • Mood by facilitating regular cardiovascular exercise

Is pain or discomfort affecting your ability to walk?

 Nordic Walking can be a solution!

Good health depends on regular physical activity!